1. Software Product Success – Product Management Fundamentals

We help with the fundamentals of product management because we believe they are crucial to maximising success within a software business.  Assessing which potential new products, developments or diversifications represent the best use of your scarce resources, then effectively managing them through to launch and in-life portfolio management is a major challenge which we fully understand.

A new product should always maintain or enhance your brand reputation as well as your P&L, very often new products damage both, but the risk can be significantly reduced.  We have found that slick yet pragmatic methods can be established which significantly reduce risk without necessarily increasing time to market

We believe it’s crucial for multi-product companies to judge their success on the P&L of each product rather than overall profitability.  Our methods allow this to happen and therefore ensure profitability is as good as it can be rather than just good.

We hope you enjoy our series of blogs; they are all based on successful work carried out by us. The first will cover profiling and segmentation to focus on the right markets and establish a fact base to expedite concept evaluation. We will then go through the fundamental practices which make a real difference at each stage of the product life-cycle.


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